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AMLM aims to assist in the personal development of the entrepreneurs through the redesigned and developed Carib Connect online platform and help them move forward each time they get stuck with online services which are in synch with their current state of affairs and its related shortcomings.

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Antonio Media B.V.

Antonio Media B.V. (AM) is a company established in 2010 that specializes in User Experience (UX) and User Interaction (UI) design for web and mobile applications. AM started as a freelancer working from home and moved to Strijp-S, Eindhoven, The Netherlands early 2011. Later in 2014 AM moved to Founded By All (FBA) a business hub for creative and technical entrepreneurs as a strategic alliance in order to create a more professional working ambiance in the face of the growing competitiveness of the market.

Today the company has a professional workforce of six and carries out a significant number of projects inside The Netherlands and far beyond. Its founder John A.M. Sandiford, deals with each project as a central point of convergence where creative processes mingle and create synergy. AM specializes in creating thoroughly engaging interfaces -though always easy to use- , ranging from one-pagers to more complex websites & app, focusing on the customer’s ultimate objectives.

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Little Mountain B.V.

Little Mountain B.V. (LM) is a company established in 2007 by Maarten Hendriks, specializing in Industrial Design Engineering for product development. LM started working as freelance mainly focusing on the concept development, design and realization of interactive installations. Eager to work in flexible teams in co-working spaces, LM founded a creative environment housing over 15 young ambitious and interactive entrepreneurs. Together they worked on many multidisciplinary projects lead by LM. In 2009 LM had grown to 30 entrepreneurs and moved to Strijp-S, Eindhoven. Two years later the LM Creative Environment played a decisive role in the development of the creative industry in Eindhoven, facilitated by Business Incubation By that time more than 65 creative entrepreneurs were in the community. In 2011 It was time to make the private Incubator more sustainable and LM developed and established the business model for a cooperative Incubator. Since 2013 known as Founded By All, Creative Business Hub.

Today LM is a company with an extensive network and a proven ability to collaborate with many talented entrepreneurs in the field of research, concept development, product development and spatial development in the public and private sector. Having the talent to connect the dots and being able to translate this into a vision, LM is currently assisting in the business development of several companies. Furthermore, LM has the experience and knowledge concerning the building of business incubators and entrepreneurial eco-systems. The last two years this expertise has been of great added value to the Cosme programme, where Business Incubation programmes are now emerging all over the OCTs, sparked by the solidified Caribbean-Eindhoven connection.



Every successful business has a network of behind-the-scenes partners that help support the operation.
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