The road beyond COSME

AMLM B.V. is working towards ensuring a great future for the Carib Connect Platform, with a redesigned, reconceptualized, work-in-progress platform :)

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What we are working towards

Our primary objective is to ensure that the Carib Connect platform and its original objectives receive a proper continuation beyond the termination of the COSME programme.

We will to do this by tracking the personal development of the entrepreneurs through the redesigned and developed Carib Connect online platform and help them move forward with their business.

We will achieve this by offering online services which can help the entrepreneur to identify and acknowledge their needs online and assist entrepreneurs in resolving them online as far as possible. With options to take a side-track and branch off to eye-to-eye personalized support given off-line by members of the international support network that Carib Connect is the engine of.

Therefore we will focus on individualized MSME match-making throughout their entrepreneurial journey, connecting them with the right governmental institutions, businesses, networks, mentors and investors at the right moment in the geographical and socio-economical eco-system they are a part of.

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Our Commitment, Our Goals

1. Support individual entrepreneurs in their journey

Every individual entrepreneur goes through a personal as well as business development journey in which they encounter minor and major challenges to reach their goals. By supporting them on the right moments we will be able to help them bridge these gaps. We can assist them but they got to do it by themselves.

2. Connect entrepreneurs with information and bso’s

There is a lot of work being done already to support ambitious entrepreneurs move forward with their business. Nevertheless it is still difficult for these bso’s to get to the entrepreneur and vice versa. The platform will be a central place to communicate the information needed to support these entrepreneurs.

3. Matchmake entrepreneurs with mentors, investors and other entrepreneurs

Building an extensive and reliable network is the most important thing to do when you want to grow as an entrepreneur and as a business. Some say your network is important to get more clients but we believe your network can do more for you than only boost your turnover. By matchmaking with the right people you can grow not only your network but also your skills, tools, capital, team and much more.

4. Build communities amongst individuals with similar challenges.

Whenever you think you are the only one looking for the right office space for a fair price you are wrong. Every entrepreneur lies awake at night thinking of the next step in their business and how to get there. A good way to move forward is to share these challenges with us or other people in the community. We believe by connecting the likeminded individuals and inidivduals with similar challenges it is possible to collaborate and work together on a community based solution. Before you know it you are the co-founded of an Incubator.

5. Democratisation of information and business education

Through the democratisation of information and basic business education.
Provide them with the resources needed to be able to work in a most efficient way.

These resources can be information, knowledge or online guidance in application processes.
By making these resources easy to access and affordable the entrepreneurs will be able to focus better on the businesses and the supporting parties will be able to get beyond the basics and provide a more tailor made service.


Every successful business has a network of behind-the-scenes partners that help support the operation.
Here's a glimpse of our partners network:

Little Mountain
Antonio Media

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