One small business consultant says local company “The Art Nest” is on the right track for promoting small businesses compared to other countries in the Caribbean.

John Sandiford represents the competitiveness of enterprises and SMES programme, a European Union funded initiative to promote small to medium size businesses in different Caribbean Islands. He said at a presentation that the Art Nest’s plan of letting small businesses rent a desk and have access to amenities, cuts a lot of overhead fees down for entrepreneurs.


“It’s unique to the region, so I believe there is a certain amount of pioneering and trend setting that is happening here and I just see huge potential,” said John Sandiford from the Cosme Programme.

“Once you come here as a sole, sort of like a sole entrepreneur, you get plugged into this amazing eco system that helps foster and feed your own business and you’re own projects, so, it’s invaluable,” said Founder of Arts Nest, Christina Pineda.


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