7 Golden Rules

After investigating the Business Model Canvas on entrepreneurs from an incubator and asking them about their experiences with working in a co-working place, researching different design methodologies, especially co-creation and learning about open innovation, creative commons and agile working we filtered and described benefits substantiated by some successful projects:

The 7 golden rules for Dynamic Business Planning.

1. Use the Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas proved to be an easy-to-use tool for creating a business plan for a company. It can be easily reviewed and changed whenever necessary, providing a dynamic business canvas.

2. Join an incubator

An incubator can accelerate one’s growth and provide a professional working environment, including like-minded entrepreneurs. By sharing knowledge, expertise and collaborating, entrepreneurs are able to offer more to customers. By sharing and receiving feedback companies grow faster and keep changing in a better direction.

3. Co-Create

When creating a new product or service within ones’ company, do this together with customers and stakeholders. Co-creation provides an enormous amount of insight in all aspects of a business and can provide new ideas and solutions one would have never thought of by itself.

4. Field test 1st ideas

Don’t wait until a product or service is complete worked out. Try to test all steps taken in the process, to prevent developing a product/service that doesn’t fit the needs and thus will be a failure. Try to gather as much feedback as possible, and don’t to be able to create a successful product/service.

5. Running a business as an organic/iterative and continuous process

The world is always changing, and so is the business. Keep in contact with customers and stakeholders, to prevent the company from staying behind and not being able to keep up with changing environments, needs and wishes. Don’t be afraid of taking a step back when necessary; this will only improve the process and thus end-result.

6. Cooperate & Collaborate

Cooperating with companies and entrepreneurs results in a company that can deliver a more flexible service. Working together with people with different expertise’s expands ones offering and broadens horizons. Even collaborating with competitors or like-minded people within the chain can be profitable for a company by being able to find a niche, have a stronger appearance to the outside and expand the network.

7. Share

Don’t be afraid of sharing expertise, knowledge and ideas. Have a transparent attitude towards intellectual property. When daring to share, one will find out that there are many people likeminded, which will nourish one’s personal growth. To be short: 1+1=3

Open Design

The main idea of open design and open innovation is that development goes much faster if ideas and solutions are being shared. Sharing visions and ideas, offers others to respond to this, give feedback and come up with even better ideas and innovations.

This is again an example of the design industry, but the mindset is applicable for all industries and companies. Do not try to invent, organise and do everything by yourself.

For more information about open design, see Open Design Now 


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